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"It’s the little things that often matter most and Lucas Ohio Pattie’s band the Shamblers are pretty adept at providing such meaningful mini-moments – it’s hard-edged, folk blues Americana, and as personal as guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Lucas Ohio can make it. Lucas Ohio is heading in no obvious direction – only where he chooses to be. And that’s no bad thing. Three stars!"

Critic Fred Dellar, Mojo Magazine

"Making a true artistic connection with Lucas is the reason why I still do records. A penetrating lyricist, a remarkable vocalist, an insightful storyteller, a new creative cohort - I was pleased to have contributed to Lucas’ latest artistic effort."

Glenn Rosenstein, Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Songwriter, Glenn Rosenstein Productions, Franklin, TN

"Lucas Ohio Pattie may be the next smart young blues-folk-rocker to be accepted into the pantheon of San Francisco Bay Area illuminati  . . . a bright guy with a vision for something fresh and different . . . a natural pairing with the equally versatile Jackie Greene (for whom he opened)."

"Lucas Ohio’s natural gift with songwriting is headed down through braveheart pass where his personal identity is flourishing full form, and where his musician’s skills are catching up to the fire in his soul."

Rick Alan Rice, Music Critic and Creator of Rarwriter.com

"A tight (and) extraordinary band with great riffs, changes in time, and compelling arrangements . . . Lucas Ohio is a great storyteller . . . songwriter . . . and expressive vocalist."

Caleb Quaye, Elton John's first producer and guitarist in Elton John's Band for over ten years and featured on such classic albums as Elton John (his debut album), Tumbleweed Connection, and Madman Across the Water. Quaye joins the band for two songs on their latest CD Steps Toward Home.

"You got feeling -- that’s for sure . . . those are your tunes? Wow!"

Charlie Musselwhite, Blues Harmonica legend, who has played with legendary blues musicians including John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf, as well as modern day artist Ben Harper. Lucas and the Shamblers opened for Charlie, garnering his heart-felt commentary.

"If your brew tastes like bar boogie, roots rock, and good old fashioned country, the Shamblers deliver. As James Joyce once said, Everything's better with beer, and frontman Lucas Ohio not only brews his own, but adds a nice shot of whiskey vocals at just the right times."

Chris O'Connor, Frontman/Singer/Songwriter, Primitive Radio Gods

"The Shamblers have established themselves as a new folk rock phenomenon."

Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Lucas Ohio -- what a cool gravelly delivery. Reminding me of Jonny Lang, his voice is emotional and conflicted, brimming with passion, maturity, and depth -- a perfect fit for his songwriting."

Randy Brewer, President, RPM Entertainment

"His music is about focus, concentration, and a dose of abandon. Lucas writes, plays, and performs with gutsy risk-taking as necessary and tender emotions at the right time. Lucas Ohio Pattie -- he’s got it!"

Sonnie Brown, Radio Host of SongTown with Sonnie Brown, KCBX FM/San Luis Obispo

"Fueled with passion, Lucas Ohio Pattie's songs don’t stay in one place but wander through moods wrapped around ideas. It is rock that sways you, pounds you, pulls you back in, and heals. The music makes you want to move and before you know it, you do."

David Zink, Principal, Local Records, Papa’s Moon Records, Recording Artist, and Producer of The Listening Room Series, Southern California

"The Shamblers -- both retro and fresh. Lucas Ohio’s commanding voice, confident phrasing and poetic lyrics are sure to draw comparisons to Jim Morrison."

Patrick Pemberton, The Tribune, San Luis Obispo

"Going down a road less traveled, the Shamblers' creative forays are refreshing and exciting in a style reminiscent of Dave Matthews. Armed with a primal, impassioned voice, Lucas Ohio Pattie's lyrics cut through to the heart. . ."

JJ Jeffries, Esalen Institute

"Oh yeah, I not be alone anymore . . . you go boy!"

Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Legendary Alabama Blues Musician and Visual Artist, jamming with Lucas Ohio in his Alabama Studio.

"How rare it is in this day of formulaic musical angst to find a young singer/songwriter who has crafted unique poetry as well as truly stunning guitar chops to drive it."

David Fetcho, Creative Director, foundlight.tv

"(His) songs are little revelations. You can’t help but get sucked into these worlds created by front man and chief songwriter Lucas Ohio Pattie, whose dusty voice seems perfect for delivering these tales."

Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo

"It's not often that a band captures my attention in a live setting. These guys had me right off. They got groove -- you just can't stand still -- very impressive."

Shawno Gordo, Creator of Hypernonsense Podcast

"Songwriter-vocalist Lucas Ohio Pattie steers this innovative trio through jazzy folk waters not unlike Dave Matthews -- and like Matthews does it with a vocal sense that is both intimate and gritty, and with word play that is clever and arresting."

Rick Alan Rice, Music Critic and Creator of Rarwriter.com

"This is the real deal -- killer songs, great voice, interesting arrangements, played within a world class mix and inventive sonic pallet . . ."

Douglas Strobel, Music Critic

"I’ve been booking Lucas Ohio Pattie and his band for three years at our club. Talented, positive, hard-working, and well-respected, every person with whom I’m associated in the Central Coast’s music industry speaks highly of Lucas and his music. As a singer/songwriter/performer, he is among the most respected. When Lucas walks into the room he shines and when on stage, you smile."

Korie Newman, Owner, Booking and Venue Coordinator, Downtown Brew -- San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles