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Jim Greer

Producer/Songwriter/Musician Jim Greer produced Lucas Ohio’s latest album Slingshot Kid. Jim works as part of the producer/artist team for Rondo Brothers and has contributed to a number of notable projects. He was the lead writer of Galactic’s “Heart of Steel” sung by Irma Thomas which was listed by the New York Time’s Jon Pareles as one of the top 10 songs of 2011. Jim has also contributed and performed with Handsome Boy Modeling School, collaborated at length with Glassjaw from Daryl Palumbo and toured with his band Head Automatica. Jim has worked in the studio with various producers such as Prince Paul, Dan the Automater, Bill Botrell, Jack Douglas, and others and has performed or written 70 songs/records to date.

Other notable projects as performer, writer, re-mixer or producer include Yoko Ono, Tipsy, Dr. Octagon, Cyndi Harvell, Samantha Stollenwerck, Stanton Moore, Eric Lindell, Loquat, Vinyl, New York Dolls and many more. Jim was recently awarded a platinum record for his work on the hit CD Torches by Foster the People.


Michael Romanowski

Michael Romanowski is the owner and chief mastering engineer at Michael Romanowski Mastering in San Francisco. Employing the highest sonic standards in technology, he has what many consider the premier mastering facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It is in his studio where he expertly mastered Lucas Ohio’s latest album Slingshot Kid.

Since 2002, Michael has worked to support the tradition of the San Francisco sound (having trained with Paul Stubblebine who apprenticed with George Horn) and has become a national expert in the art and science of mastering (Mix Magazine, Electronic Musician, ProAudio News, AES, NAMM).

Michael started his audio career as a musician and live sound engineer in Nashville, where he quickly progressed to recording, mixing and producing pop, rock and alternative acts. In 1994, he relocated to the Bay Area to apprentice at Rocket Lab with Paul Stubblebine and Ken Lee, learning the craft of the mastering engineer. In 1999, he became the chief mastering engineer for Sausalito’s Plant Studios, and then reunited with Paul Stubblebine at the famed Studio C of Hyde Street Studios. In 2002, Michael and Paul built the two state of the art 5.1 mastering rooms at the Coast Recorders building, with expert advice from acoustician Bob Hodas.

Michael serves as President of the Recording Academy San Francisco Chapter (NARAS), and serves on the National Advisory Council to the Producers & Engineers Wing. He teaches at San Francisco State University, and is an active panelist at conferences such as TapeOp, AES, CES, VSAC and NAMM. He is a co-owner of a music label, with Paul Stubblebine and Dan Schmalle, The Tape Project, which exclusively releases direct copies of original analog masters on ¼" and now ½" analog tape.


Glenn Rosenstein

For the opening track of Lucas Ohio’s Slingshot Kid – "I’ll Always See You (Wide Awake)" – Producer Jim Greer brought in highly sought-after producer, mixer, and engineer Glenn Rosenstein of Nashville.

Glenn has worked with such artists as U2, Madonna, Talking Heads, Ramones, Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam, Ziggy Marley, Keith Richards, Keith Urban, Livingston Taylor, Carly Simon, The Soft White 60s, Bif Naked, and scores of others. As a producer, mixer, or engineer, Glenn's projects have won three Grammy Awards, garnered five Grammy nominations, and have won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe award. His work is responsible for record sales well in excess of 250 million units. His music production and mixing credits for film and television include The Sopranos, Celebrity Circus, The Last Emperor, Blown Away, Married to the Mob, Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210, All My Children and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As both songwriter and producer, Glenn's work with reggae artist Snow led to a chart-topping single in Canada.



Keith W. Criss, owner of TradigitalWorks, is Lucas’ creative honcho. He provides creative and design leadership in the development of the band’s merchandise, posters, and more and is also their primary photographer and videographer. In addition to serving a number of clients in the entertainment industry, Keith has designed, produced, and illustrated works for a variety of corporate, publishing, and institutional clientele. Widely respected for his work as a fine artist as well, he is also a former president of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators (1993-96).



KFOG Radio: San Francisco/San Jose's KFOG (104.4/97.7) is among San Francisco Bay Area’s premier rock stations. It features an eclectic variety of rock, folk, blues, pop, and reggae music from the mid-1960s to the present.

KFOG has been a big fan of Lucas Ohio since he resettled in the Bay Area in 2009. The station annually compiles a "collection of some of the best bands and singer-songwriters emerging from the vibrant Northern California music scene." Lucas Ohio was selected to be included on Local Scene CD 6 in 2009 and most recently selected again to be featured on Local Scene CD 10 released in August 2013. In 2009 they selected Lucas Ohio’s "All Good People" from his second album Steps Toward Home. From his latest album Slingshot Kid, "Always See You (Wide Awake)" was selected for Local Scene CD 10. Both are available for purchase from KFOG or from Lucas Ohio at concerts.


C. F. Martin Guitar Company

The company was founded in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin and has been continuously family owned and operated for six generations. It is the oldest surviving acoustic instrument maker in the world and largest producer of acoustic guitars in the United States. Martin guitars are handmade by craftsmen, many still using the design and techniques introduced by C.F. Martin in the 1830s. Lucas Ohio performs and records with a Martin HD-28 and a Martin Auditorium cutaway.


Avalon Digital Recording Studio

Avalon Digital Recording Studio has been operating since 1998. Drawing heavily from his experience in Hollywood, this world-class facility was designed and built by Owner/Chief Engineer, Kip Stork and is where Steps Toward Home was recorded in Spring 2008.


Blue Universe Recording

Chris Robertson is the Manager/Engineer of this extraordinary recording space where Lucas Ohio and the Shamblers recorded their debut album The Shamblers in 2006. It is one of the premiere recording studios on California’s Central Coast.


Jon Claxton | Photography

Photographer Jon Claxton is an exciting and passionate photographer, "always looking for new ways to tell stories through his images." Lucas Ohio is grateful for his excellent record of many of his live performances as well as casual shots of the band backstage.


Minor Chords Productions

Jeremy Hatch, founder of Minor Chords Productions, produces and promotes many of Lucas Ohio's shows at clubs, festivals, and various other concert venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Downtown Brewing Company (San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara)

For the best in live music, good brews, and great food on California’s Central Coast, check out these venues created by owners Korie and Todd Newman. Lucas Ohio and the Shamblers are regularly featured on their stages and have appreciated their support through the years as featured artists.


Butch Boswell/Butch’s Guitar and Repair

Based in San Luis Obispo, well-respected luthier Butch Boswell has a long history of guitar repair, building, and sales shared between San Diego, New York City, and San Luis Obispo. Boswell specializes in high-end vintage guitar restoration but more recently is focusing much of his creative and engineering energy on building custom guitars. Custom built for Lucas Ohio Pattie is a 3-Color Sunburst Strat Copy. Made with a heavy C - shape maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, the instrument is completed with Lindy Fralin vintage hot pickups. Look for it on stage! Click HERE to see photos of the actual guitar being built.